Why I Am Asking For Your Vote

My name is Marian Mayer, and I am asking for you vote in the election for Vice President of UCU. I am a passionate representative and fighter for Post-16 education opportunities for all. In the midst of a global pandemic, the climate crisis, and the most progressive anti-racism movement in centuries, the trade union movement has an essential role to play. I am standing for the role of Vice President of UCU because I believe we need to adapt quickly within the current context to mobilise our membership for the many fights ahead.

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Marian Mayer: For A Fighting Union

We are in the midst of a global pandemic and a national emergency. The attacks on post-16 Education must be resisted. Now.

HE is facing savage attacks. We have very little time to defend casualised workers. All of us must come together as a union. With 110,000 members we can protect colleagues and secure a future for FE, HE and all post-16 education workers. To do this we must act decisively, individually as activists, locally as branches, and most importantly nationally, including at the level of the devolved nations. Prison and land-based educators need our support. This is not a mutually exclusive list. At all costs we must avoid becoming an atomised union. I will continue to passionately and fiercely work and campaign to end the gender and equalities pay gap, and eliminate precarious employment and rising workloads, driving our members to breaking point.

Fifteen Years of Fighting For Staff Rights

I have been an active member of UCU since 2005. My experience as an organiser and representative is broad, including election to the Commission for Effective Industrial Action.

My Current Elected Roles

As a Senior Lecturer in Learning Development at Bournemouth University, my work includes: analysis of education policy, support for widening participation, and researching transformative education and the neoliberal HE landscape.  I was the first in my family to attend HE after completing an FE Access course as a mature student. I am currently elected to the following roles:

Bringing UCU Sectors Together

UCU can work collectively for all its members in pre-92 and post-92 universities, FE colleges, prisons and land-based and training organisations across the UK. We should be working together, with no member left behind. I work in a post-92 institution and Chair the Southern Region committee.

With an overview of the attacks on post-16 education in the region, it is apparent that there are many ways we can be a powerful union.

Pairing sister branches is a priority, as is bringing together smaller groups within branches, such as local black members groups, to create ‘super groups’ of representation within regions.

The VP election results

Thank you so much to all who voted for me in the Vice President election campaign. It was a hard fought, democratic campaign and members for the first time in a long time, had plenty of choice. I worked hard to arrange the majority of the hustings we attended, including the first ever Prison EducatorsContinue reading “The VP election results”

The risk of F2F Teaching and Casualisation

At a branch executive committee meeting yesterday, on behalf of Bournemouth University UCU the committee passed the following motions.  We will submit these motions to the upcoming Congress and Special Conference. Motion 1 speaks to the continued precarity of HE sector workers, and the abuse of casualised contracts, and the consequent damage to our sector.Continue reading “The risk of F2F Teaching and Casualisation”

At last advice from the UK Government on the re-opening of FE.

 Most FE colleges in England started physical on-site opening on 17th August, colleges are due to open their doors to workers and students on Monday 7th September.  The UK Government released SAGE backed advice on Saturday 5th September. This advice was long in coming, unfortunately short in substance and four months late. The new advice highlights: ·       that FEContinue reading “At last advice from the UK Government on the re-opening of FE.”


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Building Solidarity Across The Sectors

Remembering Nita Sanghera

My dear friend Nita, we will continue to cherish and champion her tireless work and commitment to building a better future for all.

Nita Sanghera was a remarkable woman. A powerhouse of energy and strength. At her memorial, I promised that in her honour we would carry on the fight to defend all of the values of our union. If ever there was a call for solidarity from a member of the UCU Senior Officers team, or the Presidential team, Nita answered. If ever there was a call from a branch or regional committee, Nita answered. Nita worked tirelessly for human rights, for workers rights, and she loved what she did.

In return we loved her, and my pledge is to work for members in Nita’s memory.

My words of remembrance to Nita: https://www.ucu.org.uk/nita

A Very Special Endorsement

I’m deeply honoured to receive this message from my dear sister Nita’s family. We lost Nita far too soon and miss her every day. I promise to keep Nita’s glorious flame burning. Peace and Love Nita, rest in power:

So the UCU Vice President election is now underway, a position that our darling Nita held. It brings a tear to our eyes thinking about this, but as Nita would say ‘we cannot sit on our laurels, but need to continue to move forward to achieve the best for all our members’. As a proud UCU left activist, Nita would be fully supporting and endorsing her friend and fellow activist Marian Mayer.

Good luck Marian. The Sanghera family. 

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Ballot Period

Information courtesy of UCU.org.uk

Ballot period

Ballots to elect the vice president (becoming president in 2023-24), and a representative of LGBT+ members open on 28 July 2020 and close at noon on 15 September 2020.  

Ballot information

Ballot material will be dispatched on Tuesday 28 July. This can take a few days to arrive. If any member has not received the ballot material to which they are entitled by Thursday 6 August, they should contact the union to request a duplicate ballot paper using the online form which will be made available on this web page available here >

The scrutineer for these elections is Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services Limited), The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW. Please note that the pre-paid reply envelopes provided for the return of ballot papers will show a different address; this reflects an arrangement Civica Election Services has to deal with the very large volume of post it receives. All ballot papers returned in pre-paid envelopes or to the Civica office address above will reach the scrutineer.