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The VP election results

Thank you so much to all who voted for me in the Vice President election campaign. It was a hard fought, democratic campaign and members for the first time in a long time, had plenty of choice. I worked hard to arrange the majority of the hustings we attended, including the first ever Prison EducatorsContinue reading “The VP election results”

The risk of F2F Teaching and Casualisation

At a branch executive committee meeting yesterday, on behalf of Bournemouth University UCU the committee passed the following motions.  We will submit these motions to the upcoming Congress and Special Conference. Motion 1 speaks to the continued precarity of HE sector workers, and the abuse of casualised contracts, and the consequent damage to our sector.Continue reading “The risk of F2F Teaching and Casualisation”

At last advice from the UK Government on the re-opening of FE.

 Most FE colleges in England started physical on-site opening on 17th August, colleges are due to open their doors to workers and students on Monday 7th September.  The UK Government released SAGE backed advice on Saturday 5th September. This advice was long in coming, unfortunately short in substance and four months late. The new advice highlights: ·       that FEContinue reading “At last advice from the UK Government on the re-opening of FE.”

Undergraduate recruitment – no justification for cuts?

Executive summary: The basis of the prediction that we all – UCU, the employers and those of us in the union organising a fightback – have been working to was that we faced a small but significant drop in student numbers (around -2%) pushing some universities into financial difficulties. This prediction has turned out toContinue reading “Undergraduate recruitment – no justification for cuts?”


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