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Endorsements for Marian Mayer for VP from students across the UK

Liyong Allen: University of Birmingham Biological Sciences 

I have known Marian Mayer since childhood and always known her to be kind and supportive of those in their early stages of education and employment. She has been advocate for those both locally and afar, and has put others before herself. As such, she has a strong following and high respect. 

Marian gets my support, please vote for her for VP.

Sadie Fulton: MA Political Psychology student, BU, former UNISON organiser, lifelong activist

Marian is the kind of activist that I dreamed of working with when I was a union organizer. She is seemingly unstoppable – unrelenting in her support for every one of her members. I have seen her leading pickets, mobilizing activism on our campus, presenting negotiation material coherently and accessibly. She works tirelessly to build union strength and morale on our campus, and seems to understand intuitively what it takes to organize and sustain people through difficult circumstances. Union values are in her blood. Every action she takes, and every post that enables her to increase her impact, will ultimately strengthen the union tenfold.

As a student, I have seen Marian show great care in reaching out to us, overriding the university’s insistence that we weren’t allowed to attend pickets. She made us feel welcome, helped us reach a greater understanding of why the Four Fights dispute was deeply relevant to our educational experience, and worked with us in prioritizing student-led outreach to share that message. I have seen her quickly amend union messaging to reflect feedback from a student, thereby increasing equality and diversity. She and I also worked together to deliver the opening talk for our Decommodify Education Festival, showcasing an alternative vision of the educational experience and building stronger links of solidarity between lecturers and staff.

Marian has always made me and other students feel like valued members of the movement and helped build our understanding of the importance of our voices. Vote Marian Mayer for VP!

Sophie James: BA, MSc, Managing Director at Sophie Communications Ltd

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Marian closely for many years, as a former student and colleague at Bournemouth university. I know without a doubt, there is no other candidate who even comes close to Marian’s awe-inspiring union experience and credibility. Having dedicated over 15 years to fierce national negotiating, chairing, activism mobilisation, rallying, and striking in UCU and beyond, Marian possess an unrelenting fighting spirit for the rights of her colleagues, fellow UCU comrades, and her students like no other.

Marian is a total inspiration to all those who see injustice in the world, and in response want to make an actionable, positive change. I know from first-hand experience that myself, my student peers, and Marian’s university and union colleagues, could not survive their challenging working or studying circumstances without Marian’s genuine, empathetic, and tremendous support. Marian is as fierce as she is fair, with a true passion for fighting for the rights of those around her. When Marian witnesses those struggling under the weight of unfair policy and practice, she is the first to rally round them, ensuring action is taken to protect them, always going out of her way to put others first.

With her extraordinary leadership skills, Marian is able to challenge management where needed, and is never afraid to do what is right to support marginalised voices. I urge you to vote for Marian Mayer. She is the only candidate with the profound skills and experience needed, to lead the union’s members through the immense challenges that lie ahead.

Vote for a fighting union, vote Marian Mayer as your VP!

Bhagath Subramanian: BA (Hons) English Literature, Bournemouth University

One valuable quality of a great leader is the ability to listen, and to listen proactively. 
As an international undergraduate student, I am always on the look-out for those who can listen, understand and be receptive to new and different ideas. Marian Mayer is one such individual. She is a leader that is always listening. She understands the importance of a leadership platform and is always willing to elevate voices that need to be heard. 

It’s with Marian’s support that UCU can recognise many overlooked needs and struggles. She is the fastest to respond to input and the most steadfast in her values. Not once have I seen her put herself before the ones around her. She is always the first to extend a helping hand, and is always open to giving tremendous support to those who need it. 

UCU could not have a VP that is more attentive, mindful and energetic than Marian Mayer.

Watching her work to reach UCU’s goals has been nothing short of inspirational.

Leo James: University of Southampton, Maths

For several years students completing their degrees have found it difficult to find solid employment having to rely on casualised gig work. Marian is an advocate for students and PGRs attempting to negotiate sector wide university practices that do not support early career employees. She willingly offers sound advice based on insights and experience. 

There is no other. Vote Marian Mayer for VP. 

Jingjie Jiang: Former Bournemouth University PhD student, now Microsoft China Co.Ltd

I was a member of UCU when I studied at Bournemouth University as an international PhD student. Marian helped me a lot during my PhD. Marian is the kind of great person who is willing to dedicate time to listen and speak for colleagues and students. She really cares about those at the universities who need a listener.

Vote for Marian, she will make an excellent VP and make UCU greater.  

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